Milling machine CNC FC6400

Professional milling machine cnc with stainless steel motor and cooled by water, counts on a power of 1.5 KW.


Milling machine cnc to mill and to make all type of pieces in aluminum, receives, brass, wood, stone, etc. Any type of project that you have in mind or in 2D or 3D, is ideal to realise all type of engravings, in metal, wood, MDF, PVC, acrylic, stone, bakelite, massive wood, silver, stainless steel and many the more material.

In order to conduct operations of milling is recommended to use tungsten carbide strawberries for a greater finished optimization and in its mechanized cnc.

Account with a motor of 1.5 KW (1,500 W) cooled by chromed water, axes difficult to deform and made in a robust structure that guarantees its durability and easy to transport.

Their motors step by step of high precision cause that the engraving is very precise.

Our milling machine professional cnc FC6400 does not have anything to do with cnc 6040 that you can find elsewhere since all the electronics, motorization and other Japanese components are assembled and calibrated by our technical personnel in Spain. Of here our expandable guarantee of 2 years to 5 years.

He is compatible with software of work as MACH3, USBCNC, etc., and compatible with operating system Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.


We helped you to totally install and to form your mechanized equipment of cnc free through:




Robust structure made in aluminum.

Stainless steel small spindle cooled by water.

Water pump including.

Incorporated end of race in all the axes (X, and, Z). 

It can work pieces of up to 10.8 cm of height.


 Engineering datas:

   Feeding:  220v 50/60 Hertz

   Dimensions of the mounted machine: 890 xs 680 xs 530 mm

   Measures work table: 600 xs 400mm

   Work area: 388 xs 588 xs 105 mm

   Motor milling machine: Stainless steel/1.500W/0-24,000 R.P.M

   Precision: 0,03 mm

   Dimensions motor small spindle: 65 xs 158 mm

   Motors step by step: 57 three-phase To/150

   Terminal velocity: 0 – 4,000 mm/min

   Speed of carving: 0 – 1,500 mm/min

   Supported format: Cód. G/archives .TAB/.NC/archives .NCC

   Data transfer: USB port

   Box control box: 220v / transforming power supply//drive of motor VF

   Protection: button for in emergency

   Weight: 68Kg

   Certificate EC








mordaza_para_fresadora_cncJaw of subjection

* Wide of mouth 68mm




You connect for strawberries and reels

* Adapters for collar ER11





Covered Titanium reels

* Diameter: 3,175 mm
* Length: 37 mm