Recording laser cnc Metal GL-214

Machine of engraving small and comfortable to transport thanks to its reduced size, of great speed and very fast laser.



Ideal to record in stainless steel, iron and aluminum colorizado hard anodizing, wood, ceramics… It does not record depths since only brand. It can cut wood among 3 and 4 mm, nonplywoods. The engraving can only be realised in flat surfaces.


Engineering datas

    Power laser: 15 W, center and adjustable power by means of software

    Measures of the machine: 350 xs 330 xs 210 mm

    Rank of work: 200 xs 140 mm

    Power supply: 230 V – 50/60 12 Hertz/V – 4 A

    Operating system: 8 Windows 7/and Windows 10

    Connection: USB

    Speed of engraving: 0.02 – 0,2 seg/pixel

    Weight: 4 kg

    Optional: * it is possible to be sent mounted


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