Recorder and cutting laser

Recording laser for wood, cardboard, skin, leather, rubber eva and other materials. Power of the laser of 2.5 Optional W. 5500 mW (5.5 W)
Modelo GL-425 with some ample dimensions of engraving. For more powers laser you click here



Machine of engraving laser that counts on the technology more outpost of the market. It is not a simple recorder laser for wood since thanks to his high power it does very multipurpose at the time of recording and cutting in as diverse materials as they are the wood, the leather, the cardboard pen, the Eva rubber, etc.

He is ideal for the manufacture of scale models, articles of gift, prints any textile article image much more and.

Also used in educative centers to work on materials as they are the cork, the cardboard or the paper among others.


   Engineering datas

   Measures: 65 xs 60 xs 18 cm

    Area of engraving: 45 xs 45 cm

     Power supply: 230 V/24 V-2,5 To/Exit 12 V

    Power laser: 2.500 mW (2.5 W)/Optional 5,500 mW

     Connection to the computer: USB

     Supported formats: Jpg/Svg/Bmp/etc.

     S.O: Windows 7/8/10

     Precision of engraving: 0,01 mm

     Weight: 5 kg






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