Machines Laser

Recorders portable tablecloth laser to record and to cut in different materials as wood, cork, leather, skin, polipiel, rubber eva, paper, cardboard, among others many more.

Between these different models you can find equipment of ideal engraving laser to begin in the world of the numerical control. Machines of engraving laser made in aluminum structure with diode laser that go from 2500 MW to 15W of power. Modulated powers (TTL-PWM) and speed of adjustable engraving.

Machines of engraving laser that engraving functions allow you and cuts, contour, recorded by points, Raster, impressions in gray scale, positioning with light blue laser of low intensity and free positioning, an option that allows to fit the material you to record with the machine in operation without danger some.

They incorporate motors of powerful steps generating a greater speed of movement. Machines cnc laser that admit archives JPG, BMP, png, GCODE JPGE, DXF… and compatible with operating systems Windows 10.8.7, XP and LINUX.

Technical service and customized technical attendance, thanks to these services that we offer to our clients we at any moment helped you to solve any doubt that can arise to you at the time of installing or forming your recording laser totally “FREE”.