Machine of engraving laser GL450

Recording laser made in aluminum and steel, ideal to anywhere use, powerful and great speed of engraving.



Powerful recording machine cutting laser that allows to record all type of images and photographies in formats jpg/bmp/svg/code G… It can record and cut in wood of raft for scale models of all type of up to 5 mm of thickness, engraving and cuts in rubber eva, paper/cardboard, fabrics, cotton, polyester, canvases, leather, acrylic, etc.

High accuracy and speed of engraving, scanned and cut of any material previously mentioned, this equipment incorporates a laser with adjustable center, module of the support adjustable laser, Control Panel, very easy to use. Guarantee and technical service. In order to record in metal, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., Consult to us


Engineering datas:

     Entrance of feeding: 230 V

     Current of work: 12 V – 2.5 A

     Power laser: 2,5 W

     Port of communication: USB

     Compatible operating systems: Windows 7/8/Windows 10

     Software: T2-Laser, LiteFire, Laser GRBL, etc.

     Supported formats: Jpg/bmp/svg/cód. G

     Precision of engraving: 0,01 mm

     Work area: 450 xs 450 mm (máx.)

     Measures of the machine: 650 xs 600 xs 180 mm

     Weight: 4.5 kg

     It includes accessories







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