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Recording machine laser ELA325 Pro

Laser printer with great speed of movement. MW with thermal dissipator includes a module laser of 2,500 including.

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This cutting recorder laser is a printer 3d that emphasizes by its simplicity of work in different materials, all components are made in aluminum of great quality and acrylic pieces to give a high resistance him.

It is an ideal machine for users with knowledge advanced as for which they want to begin in this subject. Account with some real dimensions of 600 xs 460 xs 180 cm and weight 3.5 kg, a laser of 2,5W/2.500 mW with a really high speed and so it does very simple and fast at the time of printing in a matter of just a short time.

Materials that cannot be recorded:

It is not recommended to record in hard materials as the metal, crystal, ceramic or stone.

This printer supports archives in format BMP, JPG, Code G, SVG and is compatible with operating systems Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10/32 and 64 bits.

38 cm can work in work areas of 30 xs, support a great variety of materials as they are the wood, the leather, rubber eva, plastics among others.

You can print any image, to create your own designs later to shape them in diverse materials, can cut wood with thicknesses of 3.5 mm following the material.



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     Entrance of feeding: 230 V

     Current of work: 12 V – 2.5 A

     Power laser: 2,5 W

   Port of communication: USB

     S. Or. compatible: Windows 7/8/Windows 10

     It admits software: Benbox, LiteFire, Laser GRBL, etc

     Supported formats: Jpg/bmp/svg/Cod. G

     Precision of engraving: 0,01 mm

     Work area: 300 X.400 mm (máx.)


 Measures of the machine: 600 xs 460 xs 180 cm


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Works carried out with the cutting recorder laser 2,500 mW


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