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Recording laser LINE-340

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Cutting recorder laser with modulated power that allows to cut and to record in different wood types MDF/DM in order to personalize and to create all type of projects, decorative scale models, toys, articles, gifts, in materials as leather, skin, rubber eva, paper, pvc, acrylics, cork, polymers and other many more materials.

One of the most habitual utilities of the recording machine portable laser is to carry out works of engraving in wood for its personalisation.


Equipment laser more demanded by educative, professional centers of the photography for the personalisation of albums of photos in skin, polipiel, marks of wood, Recording etc. laser compact and very simple to use.


 We installed and we formed your recording machine to you laser through:

     Engineering datas:

     Power supply: 230 V

     Current of work: 24 V – 2.5 To/Exit 12 V

     Modulated power laser: 2.5 W (other powers to consult)

     Port of communication: USB

     Compatible operating systems: Windows 7/8/Windows 10

     It supports to modulated power laser TTL/PWM

     Supported formats: Jpg/bmp/Gcode

     Hi-res of engraving

     Work area: 38 xs 30 cm

     Measures of the machine: 55 xs 52 xs 22 cm


 Weight: 5 kg

































Works carried out with recording laser LINE-340


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