Machines Laser CO2

The engraving laser is a process which is realised without no type of contact enters the material to record and what it is going to be recorded.
The laser is generating a wearing down effect on the material that is going away to record or to cut. This level of wearing down (depth) is going to be of thousandth until centimeters following the power of the laser.

It is possible to emphasize that in materials as the metal or some plastics the laser brings about chemical reactions generating a coloration where to applied to call “Noticeable laser”.

These machines of engraving and cut laser are very versatile equipment thanks to the laser that incorporates can be used in an ample variety of materials as wood, cork, rubber eva, textile, leather, metal and a long etc. All this goes has to depend on the power of the laser. These engravings and you cut are realised of a fast way obtaining results of great quality. Based on the surfaces to work with these equipment laser, power and ranks of work it is very important that it chooses the machine that but is adapted to its needs.