Marking fiber laser for metals



Machine of Noticeable laser of Fiber and marking fiber laser UV LH-M30 counts on a high power for noticeable the laser that needs a greater exigency in any type of engravings, great marked speed of and very fast times of processing.

Recording laser fiber metal of 30W able to produce maximum tips of exit of great power, very flexible equipment at the time of marking with a matchless precision and quality in metals, some plastics and even in the majority of alloys.

When you need that your noticeable laser is at the maximum speed in a period of minimum time, this is the marking laser adapted for it.

Marking portable laser that incorporates computer science equipment and rotating mall pillow to mark curved surfaces:

   Noticeable laser of any metal mechanizing.

  Marked engraving and in all type of components of the sector of the automotion.

  Noticeable laser in aeronautical pieces.

  Noticeable laser of identifying metallic pieces.

  Noticeable laser of logos.

  Engraving laser in surgical supplies.

  Among others many more applications.



     Work area 200 xs 200 mm/300 xs 300 mm (Optional)

     Raycus laser 30w

     Wavelength 1064 nm

     Minimum width of the line 0.01mm

     Dimension character mín 0.15mm

     Beam of the objective with diode of red light Clas. 2

     Feeding 220V/50-60Hz

     USB connectivity

     Air cooled

     Software of own control in Spanish

     Laptop including

     Certificates EC, FDA, ISO 9001