CO2 Laser RD40-C

You already can realise cuts and engraving laser with our powerful RD40-C, you do not depend on anybody to realise any project that you set out.



Cutting recorder hi-res laser with air assistant, which incorporates an air compressor so that you can cut materials as wood DM without needing having to be controlling the process of cuts at any moment since thanks to this assistant it is realising the functions of blown on the material.

This equipment of cuts and engraving laser is used so much by fans as professional that thanks to them we told on an important number of units installed by all the Spanish geography, installed in companies and dedicated commerces the design nowadays. Used by architects which use it for the creation of scale models, projects, etc., installed in centers of professional formation for the development of its own works and education.

Laser CO2 40w that allows to record in wood, textile meth-acrylate, paper, fine cardboard, cork, Eva rubber, rubber, leather, skin, crystal, articles among others many more.

It can cut until 15mm of thickness following the material, wood of raft, board DM, acrylic of 10 mm and a long etc. (Data verified by our technicians).

We must honor its intuitive simple Tube, Control Panel and laser of high quality, air Assistant, Stop in emergency, System of extraction of smoke and dust, Support of mirrors of easy adjustment, optical lens of high quality and Position of beginning of free engraving.

It allows the adjustment of the power of the laser with the machine in operation.


 Engineering datas

     Electrical connection:   220V

     Consumption of current:   ≤ 250 W

     Power of the laser:   40W

     Type laser:   CO2 sealed glass

     Area of engraving:   30 xs 20 cm

     Measurement of the table:   35 xs 30 cm

     Connection to the computer:   USB port

     Speed of cuts:   ˂100 mm/s

     Speed of engraving:   ˂500 mm/s

     It cuts maximum:   17 mm following the material

     Separation mín. of points:   0.012 mm

     Repetition:   ˂ 0.01 mm

     Resolution:   0,026 mm/1000 ppp

     Supported formats:   BMP/JPG/JPGE/WMF, etc…

     S.O. compatible:   Win XP/7/8/Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits)

    Refrigeration:   Liquid (water)

     Digital screen:   Temperature of the water

     Screen LED:   Power of the laser

    Independent switch On/En off:   Air compressor

     Ventilation:   Fume hood

     Measures:   82 xs 52 xs 28 cm (with the closed central cover)

     Weight:   41 kg

     Guarantee:   2 years (Expandable to 5 years)

     Manual of user:   Spanish








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