Recording machine cutting laser CO2

Machine RD40, used for the engraving laser of CO2, high precision and great speed. It incorporates screen LCD to control the temperature.



This recorder cutting laser handles to many models of impression and carving. It can cut a great variety of materials as cardboard, leather, wood, meth-acrylate, articles to dress, marble, granite, plexiglas, rubber etc.

It includes a motherboard and Chips of Japanese technology, bearings and strap of high precision which allows that the work is more exact and precise of the market, made in a robust and reinforced structure what allows a transport very surely.


 Engineering datas:

     Power of the laser: 40 W

     Area of engraving: 300 xs 200 mm

     Communication to the computer: USB port

     Consumption of current:  250 w

     Speed of engraving: 0-500 mm/s

     Speed of cuts: 0-400 mm/s

     Admitted formats: JPG/JPEG/WMF/TIF/EMF/PLT

     Reestablishment of position: 0,01 mm

     Resolution: 0,026 mm/1000 ppp

     Compatible operating systems: 7 Win XP/and Windows 10

     Weight: 38 kg

     Certificate EC







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