Cutting recorder laser CO2



Machine of engraving and cuts to laser L-series for enterprising users as for more demanding professional users. Laser CO2 of high precision, high resistance to the very stable wearing down and.

Thanks to his closed structure it avoids that the electronic components are deteriorated by the dirt or they fill of dust and so allows to work the machine without hardly maintenance some. Therefore, the operating time is going to be greater and the maintenance costs will be reduced.

Recording laser for textile wood, leather, acrylic, marble, crystal, articles, cork, paper and other materials nonmetalists.

It step by step incorporates three actuators of high speed to as much reduce the times of the engraving as of the cut.

Plate of intelligent maneuver able to control the system of extraction of smoke, the air compressor and the alarm system of form totally automated.

Account with the security system of opened cover, and so the laser stopped working if you open it while the machine is working. Transparent upper deck to see the interior of the machine perfectly.

Connection through USB or Ethernet of high speed and able to work without needing being connected to a computer.

Able rails of high quality so that the engraving and the cut laser are of high precision.

L-series is available in work measures from 600 X.400 mm to 1300 xs 900 mm with powers laser CO2 of 60 W to 150W


 Engineering datas

 Electrical connection: 220 V/50-60 10 Hertz/A

 Power laser: 60W/80W/100W/150 W

   Type laser: Laser tube CO2 of sealed glass, 10,6 μm

   Speed of engraving: 0 – 60000 mm/min.

   Speed of cuts: 0 – 40000 mm/min.

   Size of engraving: Symbol 2x2 mm/Letter 1x1 mm

   Precision of location: ≤ ± 0,01 mm

   Area of engraving: 600 X.400 mm/900 xs 600 mm/1300 xs 900 mm

   Data transfer: USB/Ethernet high speed

   Graphical formats: DST/PLT/BMP/DWG/AI/HPGL


   Auxiliary equipment: Air compressor, fume hood and cooling water tank

   S.O. compatible: Win. 7/8/Windows 10

   Weight: 200 kg/320 kg/400 kg

   Guarantee: 2 years

   Manual of user: Spanish

   Certificates: EC, FDA








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