Milling machine cnc FL326 Pro

Recording ideal milling machine cnc to record in different materials as aluminum, the wood, acrylics, plates PCB, resins, Madera MDF and many more. Easy to transport thanks to its reduced size and its little weight.


This small, ideal milling machine cnc for the wood engraving to a very reasonable price, makes be within reach of any pocket. You do not let yourself deceive by its size since it offers some as much high benefits in designs as in precision.

An ideal milling machine to realise any type of project as prototypes in wood, resins, employees in housings or controls.

You can design any type of printed circuit boards and create them by very complicated that seem, thanks to the precision of this machine.

Ideal to create any type of mechanized, auxiliary pieces, supports, lodgings and even structures of radio equipment control, cars, airplanes rc, drones or even any type of support of electronic components.

With this milling machine cnc of tablecloth you can record aluminum plates incorporated in trophies, plates noticeable EC, plates of mailbox and other applications in soft metals.

Small, ideal machine cnc to anywhere carry out works thanks to so large his reduced, equipment made in aluminum. Compatible with operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10 Windows and Linux. Control of the machine by means of Castilian and compatible software in with Inkscape, ArtCAM, etc. Simple and easy to handle.


Engineering datas:

    Dimensions of the machine: 280 xs 260 xs 210 mm

    Rank of work: 160 xs 105 xs 45 mm

    Power supply: 24 V/5,6 A

    Motor of small spindle: (12-36 V) 24 V – 8,200 36 R.P.M/V – 10,500 R.P.M

    Motor of steps: 12 V – 0,30 Nm/1,6 A

    Weight: 7 kg

    We send mounted


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