Milling machine cnc FL318 C

Milling machine cnc controlled by computer, you can cut, record and to even make castings. Equipment compact, easy to transport and very simple to use.


Milling machine CNC for wood made in aluminum chassis, pieces of plastic injection Abs, more lasting than habitual plastics of other machines, counts on 3 motors of high performance, system of traction by bearings in the work table. Software of handling of the machine in compatible Spanish and with programs of design as ArtCAM, Aspires, Inkscape, etc. Available for operating systems Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Windows and Linux. You can carve wood, plates PCB, 3D, etc, ideal to develop your projects.


 Engineering datas:

  Dimensions of the machine: 390 xs 320 xs 240 mm

   Work area: 300 xs 180 xs 40 mm

   Power supply: 24 V/5,6 A

   Motor of small spindle: (12-36 V) 24 V – 7,000 36 R.P.M/V – 9,000 R.P.M

   Motor of steps: 12 V – 0,25 Nm/1,3 A

   Weight: 7.5 kg

   Optional: * it is possible to be sent mounted





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