Milling machine cnc FC3400D


Milling machine professional cnc digital DSP with incorporated laser of 5.5 KW to realise industrial applications, technological projects, advertising designs, artistic creations, educative uses, academic works, etc. Machine controlled by computer, designed to process all type of prototypes at professional level as for fans, construction of molds, printed circuit boards, advertising posters, final art, aeronautical crafts, models, parts of models RC, etc.

Equipment of mechanized cnc with motor of 500W which incorporates a box of control box from which you are going to be able to work without needing connecting you to a computer, with a card SD is only going to be sufficient to execute any created design that you have in her.

With the milling unit of you can record and carve materials as: Wood, Acrylic, Aluminum, Metal, Steel, Resin, Madera MDF, PVC, Plates PCB, etc.

Laser incorporated for the cut and engraving in wood, rubber eva, acrylic, leather, skin, cardboard, etc, (the option of cuts is going to depend on the material).

It incorporates end of race for axes X/Y/Z

Speed of work: 300-2800 mm/min (it depends on the material)

Material of engraving: PVC, acrylic, plexiglas, plates of color, plastics of engineering, wood bakelite, carving and smooth metal, as aluminum. (other motors only wood, PVC, acrylic).


Engineering datas:

   Dimension of the machine: 615 xs 485 xs 390 mm

   Work area: 390 xs 280 xs 55 mm (X/and/Z)

   Size of the table: 52 xs 32 cm

   Type of stepper motor: 57 two-phase 2.5A

   Motor of small spindle: motor of small spindle of 500W DC 11000 RPM

   Clamp of the main axis: ER11/3,175 mm

   Function of automatic tuning: Z-axis

   Precision of the small spindle: precision of 0,03 mm

   Instructions of carving: code G, or any format file of Mach3 support

   Terminal velocity: 0-3500 mm/min

   Speed of carving: 0-2800 mm/min.

   Protection: button of stop in emergency

   Voltage of operation: 220V

   Differences of our equipment cnc with respect to others:

   Power of the small spindle: 500W/other machines 230W

   Materials: PCB, wood, PVC, acrylic, aluminum (recorded superficial),…/other machines only can work wood, PVC and acrylic.

   Code of commando: GERBER/Gcode/DXF/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt/USBCNC

   Update of the machine to 4º axis

   Certificate EC