Motors CNC

In this section you can see the different types from spindles who we arrange and the motors step by step with axis inverted more used in milling machines CNC and also in printers 3D. Unas of its majors advantages is that they are motor of low cost, discharge reliability, stop to be able of torqué to low revolutions and a structure robust and simple to carry out works in any surroundings.

They are controlled digitally through a system of opened circuit to use them in applications of positioning and maintenance.

Also we have motors of power between 200w/300w/until 1.200w, air cooled and spindle small spindles from 800w to 3 KW of power cooled by water of high quality made in stainless steel for machines of carving, equipment of mechanized cnc, to record in metal and other surfaces, motors of very under noise, with smaller force of friction during its operation, great durability and almost without maintenance some.

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