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Controller GRBL Firmware 2 AXES

Controller for equipment tablecloth laser cnc of 2 axes software Benbox USB

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Plate of control for recorders cnc of 2 axes, USB interface and connection by means of 12 power supply of Ideal V. for motors of step by step two-phase of four cables.

It incorporates a great tube MOS, module buck of CC and bridge ADJ to fit manually the tension of the laser to control the power of the same.

The motor cannot surpass the 2 Amperes, if it works during long time to 2A is important to control the temperature for a correct operation.


    Measures: 97 xs 54 mm

    Suitable power: 12V-2A

    Voltage of entrance: 12V (the difference of the voltage can affect the laser in order that)

Interface of feeding: DC 5,5 – 2,1 (Conect. positives and negatives)

    It includes:

    1 X Plate 2 axes





1 X USB cable


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