Spindle motor small spindle 2.2 KW cooled by water



Motor of small spindle for milling machines cnc and equipment of mechanized cnc control with a power of 2200W cooled by water.

Small spindle of high quality you make in stainless steel, bearing of balls made in Germany, much more lasting that other conventional motors spindle of low cost and apparently of the same characteristics.

Speed of turn of 24,000 real RPM, verified by our technical personnel.

Account with certificate EC and satisfactorily passes Norma of quality ISO9001 which verifies that this motor has a quality matchless superior and to other motors of lower prices.


Engineering datas:

    Measures: Ø 80 xs 200 mm

  Voltage: 220V

  Power: 2.2 KW

  Intensity: 8A

  Torque wrench: 1.17 nm

  Turnover rate: 24.000 rpm

  Frequency: 400 Hertz

  Refrigeration: Water

  Lubrication: Fat

  Weight: 6.8 kg







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