Recording machine milling machine FC3200

Powerful machine cnc to record, to perforate and to cut. Controlled by computer and designed to process all type of projects already they are at particular level as professional.


Milling machine cnc made in aluminium alloy, machine cnc of 3 axes (X, and, Z) simple to install in the same way in your computer that if you install a printer or a scanner, can be used anywhere and at any time, ideal to create designs 3D.

It records in acrylic wood, aluminium alloys, plate, plate, resin ABS double color, PVC, plate of bronze, printed circuit board, seal and long etc. Cnc powerful milling machine to carry out works that demand a high level of precision.

This router cnc it can work with Mach3/USBCNC where you will be able to control your equipment of milling to realise all type of engravings and carvings in 2D, 3D, you can incorporate all type to him of shapers, aluminum, steel, etc.

Account with a small spindle motor spindle of 300 W of power air cooled and one box of control with power regulator, you will be able to incorporate to him motor more powerful cooled by air or water, everything based on which you need.


 Engineering datas:

   Dimensions: 550 X.400 x 350 mm

   Displacement of axes: X 200 mm/and 300 mm/Z 50 mm

   Maximum dimension of piece to work: 200 mm x 300 xs 65 mm

   Depth of carving: 55 mm

   Motor of steps: Two-phase 1.45 – 2 A

   Motor of the small spindle: 300 W/300 – 9,000 R.P.M with power regulator

   Precision of repetition: 0,05 mm

   Speed of emptiness: 0 – 2,500 mm/min

   Precision of the small spindle: 0,03 mm

   Control unit: Three-dimensional monopiece + variable speed + adjustable power

   Admitted codes: Code G/Archives TAB/Archives NC/Archives NCC

   Compatible operating systems: Windows 10, Win. 7, 8, and Windows XP

   Weight: 25 kg

   Certificate EC

 Optional: It is possible to be sent mounted


Parameters of the box of control:

   Voltage: 230 V – 50/60 Hertz

   Control unit: Controller of motor 2.5 To + adjustable speed

   Connection: Parallel port/USB

   Code of commando: Code G

   Software: CNCUsb

   Protection: Stopped button in emergency










Jaw of subjection

* Wide of mouth 68mm

You connect for strawberries and reels

* Adapters for collar ER11


Covered Titanium reels

* Diameter: 3,175 mm
* Length: 37 mm


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