Recording milling machine cnc Aluminum

Cnc milling machine to record in soft metals, aluminum, wood, I talk and others more materials.


Milling machine to router cnc small ideal to record Aluminum, Copper and other soft Metals.

She is very comfortable to transport and easy to use, cnc sold of its range is the milling machine more. Thanks to so large reduced his it causes that it is demanded to realise all type of works, engravings in mailbox plates, to mark and to record identifying plates, etc, ideal to work in fairs and events of all type.

With this model of milling machine CNC you can record wood, to record in PVC, Wood MDF, plates PCB and other many more materials.


 Engineering datas:

   Power supply: 24 V/230V

   Motor: 12-36 V/8200 RPM – 24 V

   Stepper motor: Two-phase/1,3 To/0,25 Nm

   Measures of the machine: 285 xs 285 xs 290 mm

   Work area: 128 xs 88 xs 38 mm

  Software: GRBL Control

   Operating system: Windows and Linux

   Weight: 8.5 kg

   It is sent mounted



Works carried out with our milling machine cnc:









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