Milling machines CNC

Milling machines cnc designed to mechanize diverse types of materials as smelting of iron, wood, steel, acrylic, stone, marble among others many materials. We have a line of modern, present machines and totally updated to the demand of the European market.

Machinery C02 Laser

The recorders C02 laser, are equipment of great ideal powers for the cut and engraving, very precise. Ideals for surfaces as the stone, the marble, crystal, leather, wood and other many materials.

Spare parts and accessories

We have all type of spare parts to any model of our machines.


We count on own facilities for the assembly of any equipment.


We realise shipments to any point of Spain, including the Canary Islands and Majorca.

The news

Mantente informed into all the new features and updates of our equipment.

Fiber laser

Our machines of noticeable laser for metals incorporate the technology more outpost for the most demanding professionals, we have fiber laser with powers from 20W to 50W and work areas of up to 30 xs 30cm.


We have the amplest stock and spare parts in milling machines cnc to router, machines of engraving and as much cuts laser for professionals as for individuals.

Motor of 40 steps ncm

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